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Scaling Green

Ray Anderson: Greenest CEO

• Photography – Brooks Kraft
• Video Footage – MagicWig Productions
• Music by Jamie Sparks


As founder and chairman of a carpet manufacturing company, Ray Anderson (1934 – 2011) wanted to build the biggest carpet business the world had ever seen. After reading Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce, Anderson’s motive shifted to creating a completely environmentally sustainable business.

Springing into action, his company broke the seemingly mountainous task of “greening” into 7 stages, attempting to mimic nature by recycling everything and eliminating waste. What resulted was a world-leading company in corporate social responsibility with low waste and emissions, and a world-class business model for other industries to follow.

His company, Interface Inc., is now a green leader and consults with other multinationals, like Walmart, to share its vision for sustainable manufacturing.

We want to run our factory the way nature runs her factory – on sunlight.

What You Can Do

1. Eliminate Waste – Reduce wasteful practices and increase recycling at work and in production processes.

2. Cut Emissions – Cut emissions in production and travel, and consider purchasing carbon offsets from providers

3. Renewable Energy – Run your operations using renewable energy or invest in clean energy, such as solar, wind, or geothermal.

4. Closing the loop – Redesign products to recover, recycle and reuse, thus reducing the amount of raw materials required in production.

5. Resource-efficient transportation – Make all levels of transportation as efficient as possible, including employee travel. Consider carpools and biking to work.

6. Sensitizing stakeholders – Build a community with shared goals for a better environment

Other Resources

Commit to Corporate Acts of Green within your office: http://act.earthday.org/


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