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Vandana Shiva: GMO Giant

[What] motivates me is the deep love for the earth and her biodiversity and her life processes. I have a passion for life, I don’t take it for granted and every time there is a threat to life I am compelled to act – Vandana Shiva


Based in Delhi, Vandana Shiva promotes the use of indigenous seeds and the diversification of crops.  She discourages seeding genetically modified plants.  Her work has advocated a major shift in the agricultural system and given her a huge fan base around the world.

Biodiversity, a variation in species and ecosystems, is the spice of life. The necessity of this constant difference and change is what maintains resiliency on our planet, and ensures earth’s life forms can survive even disasters.

But as the world continues to expand, and the number of mouths to feed multiplies every day, the threat of declining biodiversity grows. The United Nations (UN) estimates that between 1970 and 2000, the abundance of species dropped by 40%, and continues to decline.

For GreenHero Dr. Vandana Shiva, the disappearance of forests near her hometown in India was her call to wake up. Back in 1991, Vandana founded Navdanya to promote small farmers, to rejuvenate indigenous knowledge and culture, and ultimately to support, protect and grow biodiversity.

With over 34,000 plant species currently in danger of extinction, Vandana continues to work tirelessly to conserve seeds and to fight against the loss of species in the face of globalization. She’s planting the seed by inspiring others to consider a healthier, more sustainable and bio-diverse food system. You can plant the seed in others too.

Music: Tisra Tani, Written by Ed Hanley, Autorickshaw.
Location Courtesy: Ontario College of Art and Design.
Photo Credit: Devin Lund

What You Can Do

• Organize a screening of the documentary Dirt! In your community
• Learn more about terminator seeds and what you can do to help
• Donate to Navdanya to continue supporting the fight for the protection of global plant biodiversity
• Donate to Seeds of Survival to help farmers in developing countries
• Photograph your hand to petition against geo-engineering experiments

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Spread the Word

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Tell 10 friends that between 1970 and 2000, the abundance of species dropped by 40%, and continues to decline, and that over 34,000 species of plant are currently in danger of extinction

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