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Shark Realities

Rob Stewart: Sharkwater Director

Ordinary people have always made a difference and changed the world and that’s what it’s going to be in the future.


Rob Stewart (1979-2017) is the director of the multi-award-winning feature documentary Sharkwater. His provocative documentary challenges the age-old image of sharks as man-eaters and suggests the real villains may be those who kill 100 million sharks each year.

Rob has brought attention to the urgent issue of declining shark populations worldwide. Since 1970 we have lost 90% of the planet’s sharks, owing to over-fishing sharks for shark fin soup and catching them as by-catch.

Did you know that sharks have been swimming in the oceans for 420 million years and survived five major extinctions? Take action now to help spread shark realities.

Sharkwater film clips and marine photography courtesy of Rob Stewart.
Music by Miguel Gauthier

What You Can Do

• Host the ultimate Shark Awareness Party by screening Sharkwater with a group of your closest friends.

• Sign the petitions to ban shark finning: www.finfreetoronto.com and www.sharksavers.com

Spread the Word

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Tell 10 friends that with an unregulated shark fin trade, nearly 100 million sharks were killed last year alone, mostly for their fins. UNEP estimates that multiple shark populations have collapsed by 75-90% over only 15 years.

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