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Simple Changes Matter

Stuart Hickox: Bright Idea for Change

I say every campaign has to be at least a little impossible in order for it to work.


If every one of us changed one incandescent bulbs to a compact fluorescent (CFL), the reduction in pollution from power generation would be like taking 800,000 cars off the road.

Former marketing executive Stuart Hickox didn’t sit back when he read that stat while surfing the net; he took matters into his own hands by forming One Change, an organization that reminds us that even simple actions matter – they add up for big change.

One Change puts the tools for action into our hands so each one of us can be a part of global change.

Simple environmental actions add up, be they to save energy, fuel, or water. Incandescent bulbs waste 95% of the electricity that they consume as heat; 70% of vehicles have at least one tire with an inflation problem; if every one of us checked the tire pressure on our cars, Canadian drivers could save enough fuel to fill 257 Olympic size swimming pools.

Regular showerheads use 18 to 27 litres or more of water per minute; if every one of us switched to low-flow showerheads, we could each cut water use in showers by 50-70%.

Video footage courtesy of Project Porchlight
Music by Shane Philip

What You Can Do

• Change a lightbulb in your house, Check your tire pressure, and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
• Run a Doors Closed campaign in your community.
• Host a 350.org party and make one simple change or action with a group of people.
• Volunteer with One Change to reach out and give your community the tools they need to act.
• Start a movement to create a network of actions to help conserve and protect the environment
Donate to One Change to expand their campaign initiatives throughout North America.
• Share other ideas for small actions as ideas for new campaigns on One Change’s website.

Spread the Word

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Tell 10 friends that switching one single light bulb from incandescent to compact fluorescent (CFL) could save 800,000 cars worth of pollution from being emitted.

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