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Sprouting Change

Jane Goodall: Chimp Protector

One of my hopes is that more and more young people….become involved in Roots and Shoots and that somehow I can reach enough hearts for people to have hope, because if people don’t have hope, we may as well give up.


World-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall thinks giving people hope for the future is key to changing the way we interact with nature and our planet.

Her organization Roots and Shoots aims to foster this respect and caring in youth through active learning and engagement. This hope for the future is what we need to see positive change on this earth. Roots and Shoots sparks hope in young people for a brighter future.

With over 50% of the world’s population under 25, there’s a new generation of change-makers on the way.

They’re already beginning to sprout changes worldwide with the help of leaders like Jane Goodall.

Archival Footage and Photography of Jane Goodall and chimpanzees courtesy of the Jane Goodall Institute.
Music by Ado

What You Can Do

• Join one of Jane’s campaigns like For Ever Wild.
• Help conserve animals with Earth Rangers.
• Shape positive ideas from a young age on food and healthy eating for the planet by shopping at farmers’ markets or by joining a community garden.
• Are you a young person with an idea to change the world? Start a youth venture with the help and resources of Ashoka.
• Sign up for the WE program, and get your school or class involved in world issues and positive change
• Donate to the Jane Goodall Institute to help keep their conservation efforts going.
• Become a Chimp Guardian to sponsor and nurture a chimp in Africa.

Spread the Word

Follow Roots and Shoots on Twitter.

Become a friend of Roots and Shoots on Facebook

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Tell 10 friends that over 50% of the world’s population is under 25, a percentage of the population with a great capacity for change, and they need the tools to act now.

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