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Striking a Green Chord

Bruce Cockburn: Environmental Troubadour

Music by Bruce Cockburn and courtesy of Finkelstein Management
Music video courtesy of True North Records


Ottawa born Bruce Cockburn is the winner of 13 Juno Awards, an Officer of the Order of Canada and has more than 30 albums under his belt. However, he is also a long-time, outspoken advocate for the environment and unafraid to publicly tackle difficult political questions.

Bruce grew up with a love of nature. As a boy, he enjoyed sleigh rides into the woods to tap sugar bushes on his grandfather’s farm and spent idyllic summers camping and canoeing in Algonquin Park.

In 1988 he released the song “If a Tree Falls” and it became a hit – bringing a great deal of attention to deforestation and other environmental issues. Since then, Bruce has never stopped singing in support of habitat preservation.

He is committed to raising ecological and social awareness; Bruce is the honorary chairperson of Friends of the Earth and a supporter of the Unitarian Service Committee, he performed at a UNICEF concert in Kosovo and was a spokesperson for the movement to ban land mines. In 2005 he performed his well-known “If A Tree Falls” at the UN Summit for Climate Control in Montreal.

His music delivers a powerful message in a medium we all enjoy. Check Bruce out live at a location near you!

I don’t think music can bring about social change by itself. I think it can
be a crystallizing agent for waves of feeling that move through all of us.

What You Can Do

• Support Canada’s Friends of the Earth, a voice for nature working to protect our natural landscape.

• Help promote healthy ecosystems all over the globe by supporting Canada’s USC and their Seeds of Survival Program

• Join Bruce in his support of the David Suzuki Foundation

Spread the Word

• See what Bruce is doing on and off the stage on Facebook

• Are you a music buff? Take a look at Reverb, a company that works with musicians and their fans to offset the eco-impact that cross-country touring can have. You can volunteer or find out more and let your favourite musicians know that they too can join in.

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