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Switching to Green Power

Tom Heintzman: Switching to Green Power

Most generations see a truth that none of the generations before saw. I do think that this generation’s is the environment.

– Tom Heintzman


The energy industry is a place that can use a visionary GreenHero such as this campaign’s Tom Heintzman.

Tom Heintzman is the co-founder and current president of Bullfrog Power Inc., Canada’s only 100% green energy provider to homes and businesses across the nation. This GreenHero helps people across the nation decrease their carbon emissions while providing a service we all use everyday. He shows us that one doesn’t need to endanger the earth or compromise our commitment to green living to have the things we need.

This company enjoys a wide patronage. Some of their better-known clients include; Tragically Hip front-man Gord Downie, former Toronto mayor David Crombie, Margaret Atwood and celebrity chef Jamie Kennedy.

Mr. Heintzman reflects that as early as 14 he displayed a passion for renewable energy when he undertook an environmental class and wrote about his concern for the future of energy supplies. He hasn’t stopped since.

Our GreenHero is always looking for new ways to green the energy industry. The newest product to come out of Heintzman’s Bullfrog Company is the world’s first completely green natural gas. Using emissions harvested from combinations of organic, decomposing materials such as landfills, the gas is processed and provided to clients as a clean alternative to mined gas. The more we use, the less need for traditional fuels. With innovations such as this, Tom is an inspiration to us all not to accept the status quo. If a product or practice is harming the earth, there must be another, greener, gentler way live, you just have to keep on going until you get find it.


Photograph of David Crombie courtesy of Thomasz Bugajski

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What You Can Do

•Become Bullfrog Powered and help place greener energy into our grid. Consider suggesting it to your office or organization.

•This Top 10 list shares idea about alternative, green fuels for your homes and offices, consider one of these other sources for your property

 Reduce your carbon footprint in any way you can! Change to high efficiency lightbulbs, compost your organic materials, don’t let your car idle and turn down the heat when you sleep. When the weather gets warmer, open your windows at night and close them during the day. It also helps to close the drapes to keep the cool in. These small changes can add up to a big difference if we all chip in.

• Do you have a business that is considering switching to greener energy? Get a quote from Bullfrog to discover how you can make this happen!

• Check out some environmental non-governmental organizations that have decided to go green with Bullfrog Power: The David Suzuki FoundationWWF-Canada and The Pembina Institute.



Other Resources

• Join the Sierra Club in a petition for clean energy!

• Let your voice go international and sign the petition for Clean, Renewable energy for the British Virgin Islands with AES, or for green jobs in Ireland with TakingItGlobal!

Spread the Word

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