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Gord Downie: Tragically Hip Frontman

” I feel like a citizen of Lake Ontario more than anywhere else…it was a huge part of my life” – Gord Downie


Gord Downie’s journey with water activism began with a battle against a cement company. The company was experimenting with burning tires as an alternative fuel source. He joined forces with the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper after hearing a speech by Robert Kennedy Jr. and put a halt to the unsafe practice in the lakeside village of Bath, Ontario.

Gord Downie (1964-2017) was a singer, songwriter, and trustee of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper (LOW). Gord’s partnership with LOW, which helped put a halt to the actions of a polluting cement company, underscores the importance of preserving and conserving our limited freshwater resources. Nearly 70% of the world’s fresh water is locked in ice, and most of the rest is in aquifers that we are draining much more quickly than the natural recharge rate. Water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent of the globe. Gord helped to protect water in his community.

Newspaper article courtesy of The Napanee Beaver:
Courage music video courtesy of Universal Music and Peer Music

What You Can Do

• Organize a group of friends for a Shoreline Clean-Up to help keep our waterways clean and healthy for drinking and fishing.
• Coordinate a Think Outside the Bottle campaign in your local community to challenge corporate control of our water.
• Host a party, ask each guest for $20, and donate to Charity: Water to minimize the impacts of water scarcity in developing countries.
• Establish a Water Watch Committee with Blue Communities, as the first line of defence against water privatization.
• Participate in decisions on your communities’ water. If you live in Ontario, take part in Source Water Protection committees.

Spread the Word

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Tell 10 friends that all over the world, 1 billion people lack access to safe water. In North America, tap water is clean and drinkable, and costs 2,000-3,000x less than what is sold back to us in bottles.

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