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World on a Paint Brush

Robert Bateman: Connect with Nature

Nature is magical, it’s transforming. So I think it’s well worth encouraging. I will not think I’ve succeeded until there is a critical mass of young people who just fool around outdoors, even though they have the choice of going on handheld devices. I won’t live long enough to see that happen but let’s hope we can start the movement in that direction.
– Robert Bateman


Robert Bateman’s connection to birds, animals and nature began at a young age in Toronto. While observing animals in their natural environment, he found a way to express his appreciation through art.

He pursued a degree in Geography from the University of Toronto and went on to become an art and geography teacher, painting in his spare time.

After 20 years as a high school teacher, Robert Bateman transitioned into life as a full time artist, just as his incredibly naturalistic wildlife works were becoming recognized internationally.

His first exhibition occurred at Tryon Gallery in London, England in 1975. Since then, he is regularly exhibited in galleries around the world. In 2013 the Robert Bateman Centre was opened in Victoria, British Columbia to showcase his work.

The Robert Bateman Centre continues Robert’s passion for art, nature and the environment. Education programs there and through the Robert Bateman Foundation are designed to inspire individuals, especially youth, to become change-agents for the planet. Robert resides with his wife in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

• Paintings courtesy of Robert Bateman
• Music written by Chris Birkett, courtesy 2Mounties Media Inc.

What You Can Do

  • Speak to your family and friends about the importance of getting out into nature to improve health and well being
  • Find a local conservation area or a trail and go on a hike
  • Join the Green Heroes Academy App to support Mr. Bateman’s passion for protecting the environment and challenge your environmental awareness

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Twitter: @BatemanCentre

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