Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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Resizing Fashion's Footprint

Kelly Drennan, the woman behind Fashion Takes Action, launched Resizing Fashion’s Footprint to get the word out about simple daily actions that can change the world one fashion choice at a time. Want to join the club?

Kelly has 16 actions to re-size your footprint – here are six that relate to how you can better clean your clothes:

1. Only do full loads of laundry. Washing machines typically use between 130-250 litres of water per load so make sure water isn’t being used unnecessarily.

2. Run the washing machine on the shortest cycle. Not only will you reduce water use, you will also reduce CO2 emissions.

3. Wash laundry in cold water. 80-85% of the energy used in a load of laundry is used to heat the water. Buy detergents made for cold water and you’ll get the same results and prolong the life of your fibers.

4. Use chlorine, fragrance, dye-free detergent. Harsh chemicals in most detergents pollute water, cause toxicity in aquatic organisms and are harmful to our health. Love fragrance? Try adding essential oil.

5. Use an eco-friendly dry-cleaning service. Perchloroethylene is the primary solvent used by most conventional dry-cleaners and has been linked to cancer. Another safe alternative is to use a garment steamer. These will refresh and disinfect your clothes in an ecofriendly, effective way.

6. Hang your clothes to dry. Foregoing the dryer will not only save energy, it will also save your clothes. Have you ever thought about where all that lint in your trap comes from? They’re fibers from your clothes! If you need to get the wrinkles out, tumble dry on “Air” (no heat) for a few minutes and hang to dry!