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It takes one particular person to walk the road less traveled before everyone else follows, and soon enough it becomes the one most traveled. Ansel Adams was a true pioneer in the field of photography, creating a ‘Zone System’ in order to control exposure within the image.

His photographs make full use of the film’s latitude, from true black to true white. It is that passion for innovation that later inspired Ian Clifford, after mentoring with Ansel Adams, to apply this innovative mentality to the rest of his life.

His electric car is revolutionizing the way we understand transportation today, and will, no doubt, continue to do so in the future. Take, for example, the recent hybrids rolling off the assembly lines of the major auto manufacturers.

The Tetons & The Snake River

Photo Credit : Ansel Adams

Adams used photography to convey the richness and beauty of the world’s environments and the need to preserve them. Clifford’s ZENN Motor Company is focused on the development of electric cars.

The whole principle of Zero Emission No Noise is to eliminate the waste products that are generated through internal combustion engines. This change, which is slowly gaining momentum, is imperative for the conservation of the planet.

Linked through the camera, each carving his own path, both Adams and Clifford have made significant contributions to the environment. While the former published works such as The John Muir Trail, which led to the creation of a National Park, the latter continues to develop a way to take cars to a more ecologically sound level.

Both men bring a strong sense of social responsibility and action into their work. Hence, it is their kind of mentality and energy that is needed in order to generate a change that begins at the road less traveled.

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, plugging into green matters!
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