Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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In an intensely high-profile break-up, one of the world’s most famous and powerful couples has called it quits. Sad but true, long-time love birds Barbie and Ken are officially over in what has got to be one of the nastiest splits this season. What reason could there be for a couple that seemed to be practically made for each other to split so viciously and abruptly?

Barbie and her manufacturer Mattel have been hiding some dark secrets from Ken and the rest of the world. It turns out that the material used in Barbie’s packaging comes from none other than Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a company that is notorious for relying on the clearance of rainforests and peat lands in Indonesia. Outraged by the scandal and heartbroken at the thought of his beloved causing irreparable damage earth’s climate, and also to the precious rainforest habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger and countless other species, Ken lashed out all over the internet. Watch his explosive reaction upon receiving the news of Barbie’s betrayal.

“I don’t date girls who are into deforestation!” he announced publicly, casting aside his image as Barbie’s arm candy and emerging solo as a Green Heartthrob. What makes him a heartthrob rather than some jilted ex-boyfriend looking for revenge? Ken is emerging as an activist working to get Mattel and Barbie to stop using APP product packaging, and they aren’t the only ones on his list either. Other than Mattel, companies like Disney, Hasbro, and Lego also rely on packaging supplied by APP. You can help Ken in his crusade to stop Mattel from using plastic packaging supplied by APP by sending a message to Mattel from here!

If Mattel didn’t feel the need to wrap Barbie in so much plastic that it feels like you are breaking into Fort Knox just to get to her, then maybe they wouldn’t need to rely on the cheaper products supplied by APP. A simple matter of LESS packaging, instead of cheaper packaging could help save the rainforest.

Like Ken has done, Barbie should step out from behind her wall of protective packaging and take a stand against deforestation!
You can show your support for Ken on his own Facebook page which can be found here.

Danielle Bouteiller is a third year student at the University of Windsor, pursuing a double major in English, Language & Literature, and Communication, Media & Film. She remembers the hassle of trying to rip through the many layers packaging on a new Barbie doll but insists that she only ever wanted the dolls because of the tiny accessories.