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By Jessica Hazen (Biker-in-Heels Extaordinaire)


Skirts just above knee or lower:

Unless it’s a flouncy, pleated skirt, you don’t need to worry about showing your panties to the world – unless you want to. Just take a few moments to practice getting on and off your bikes neatly and precisely. If your skirt is flouncy, flat-fold the extra fabric across your lap and tuck under your butt as you sit down to hold down the fabric in the wind, without creating unnecessary wrinkles.

Mini Skirts mid-thigh or higher:

Girl, if you’re rockin’ this, you can probably get away with anything. BUT, you can also get a velcro-wrap longer skirt to put on over your mini dress/skirt for when you’re on the bike. Mine is awesome.

Long, flowing bo-ho skirts and dresses:

No, you really don’t need to do the unseemly tying of all that fabric and create more wrinkles. Do the flat-fold over your lap, tuck under your butt and sit down on seat to hold in place. Awesome.

For all outfit occasions:

A chain guard is fabulous to ensure your pants and skirts don’t get caught in the chain, as well as protect your chain from the elements. Fenders are a big part of keeping your outfit clean, and your bike looking tricked out.


Photo Credit: Flickr (CC)
– Mr. Michael Phams

People often say, “Ohmygod, how do you ride a bike IN HEELS?” Here’s a big myth-buster: We don’t ride our bikes the way the Flinstones drive their cars, slapping their feet along the pavement to get going.

The Amazing Truth:

It’s easier to ride a bike in heels than it is to walk in heels, especially when you’ve got bags or cargo, since your bike basket holds that weight instead of your shoulders.

Afraid of shoes flying off the pedals?

The front part of your high-heel fits nicely on the pedal, and the back spike of heel doesn’t touch anything. If you have soles that are hard and slippery on your pedal (which is rare), then get a textured sole added (it will lengthen the life of your shoes anyway) and/or you may also want to change your pedals for metal textured ones that have some grip, as opposed to being flat and plastic (it is very affordable to do so).

There’s pride in flats:

Why not pack a little pair of flats in your bag to wear on your bike and change into on arrival?


Another myth-busted:

You don’t need to use a back-pack or courier bag to tote your stuff on a bike to work. Get a nice big basket. Try it out if you want to.

Put your laptop, books, and lunch in there; a lot can fit. There are also very nice looking pannier bags that double as stylish shoulder bags.


Choosing to bike is a lifestyle choice that can deeply reflect easy-going wellness and confidence. You don’t need to rush to work. Give yourself an extra 15 or 20 minutes and cruise along on the side streets that aren’t as busy (you’ll discover a great tree-lined route, I’m sure).

If there’s a crazy big hill, get off and walk up and enjoy the extra two minutes it takes, while your bike carries your load up that hill. Now, take a moment and think about how much that the extra 20 minutes, even once a week, helps the planet and your health. Enjoy!

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, exercising your pedal power is key.

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