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My entry into the history of the environmental movement came at a key time in its evolution. The Don’t Make a Wave Committee of Vancouver B.C., had sailed a ship “The Greenpeace” to Amchitka Island near a fault line on the Aleutian Chain in an attempt to stop nuclear testing.

This brave act resonated globally with incredible success.

I was there with the fledgling group to open their first office on Fourth Avenue in Vancouver.

I met; fell in love with and soon married Bob Hunter, the first President and Father of the current day Greenpeace International.

I became the Treasurer of Greenpeace and the first woman to place my body in front of a harpoon to save a whale.

There were many acts of heroism stemming from our small group, one act that still resonates is the image of Bob and Paul Watson (now founder and Captain of Sea Shepherd) standing in front of icebreakers to save the Seals.

At that time, in the early 70s, we were a small band of eager idealists and intellectuals, yet we spun images, of heroism that have effected all the forthcoming generations of environmental crusaders.

Robert, Emily, & Bobbi Hunter

Robert, Emily, & Bobbi Hunter

We used non-violent means to create what Bob called “mind bombs” in the media that changed environmental consciousness of the western hemisphere.

Now, today, I look at the diversity of people and groups of activists, and I am proud that my daughter has this same spirit raging in her soul. I am proud of her brave actions. We don’t have Bob to turn to any longer, but, his passion carries on.

Bob always wondered if he had made a difference. I know he has, because of his inspirational actions and books he has helped mould many of the Eco-Heroes of today, whether they know it or not.

Today I am involved in many legacy projects such as advising on a documentary, a park and a biography, helping to continue to spread our message.

While there is more knowledge and resources available today, there are more battles and more urgency than ever. For the Planet, never give up!

– Bobbi Hunter, Eco-Activist

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