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Carbon Summit

At a 2008 speaking event at McGill University, GreenHeroes team member Aviva heard David Suzuki speak about the connection between the environment and the economy:

“Ecology and economy have the same root word – ‘eco’, and it means ‘home’…What we have done is elevate the economy above ecology. We think if the economy is doing well we can afford these basic things…but we are the environment. There is no distinction. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.”

– Dr. David Suzuki

And it seems to us like business and government leaders are taking note of this underlying interplay of the environment and economics.

Slowly but surely, as a society we are recognizing an abundance of opportunity to make changes to the way we do business, for positive economic and environmental benefits.

This video was put together for an exciting conversation that took place in November 2009, when government leaders and heads of major world business convened for the first ever Carbon Economy Summit in Washington, DC, to discuss challenges and opportunities of a changing economy and its impacts on the environment.

New Opportunities for Green Business

Speakers at the US event included representatives from The Economist, the US Department of Energy, The World Bank, The UN Climate Change Secretariat, WWF International, the UK Government, and The White House. Discussions centered on a promising idea, that while there are definite challenges to combating climate change, the opportunities in the new green markets are overwhelming. Economy and ecology do not have to be at war; there is a common ground in the fight against global warming and the drive to sustain economic growth.

And now the summit’s ideas are heading north! The first ever Canadian Carbon Summit will be held in Toronto, on September 21, 2010. The Canadian summit will aim to accomplish similar goals as its American counterparts: to uncover opportunity for green business growth, to explore low-carbon options, and to examine the ins and outs of building a business in a new environmental economy.

As individuals, we can all take steps to reduce our carbon footprints, but there are plenty of tools available to help businesses move forward with clean technology and emissions offsets too. We hope the summit drives home the point that the economy and the environment are connected, and great opportunities lie in finding the compromise. Register for the conference here.

Are you working in a particularly polluting industry? Are you feeling guilty about the fossil fuel and oil you are emitting as a result? Like Leilani, are you doing something to offset or lessen this negative impact on the environment? Share your Oil Changer story here for your chance to win a prize in our contest.

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