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How can we begin to plant the seeds in our children to become good environmental citizens? A little education goes a long way, and that’s why we’re excited about an Ontario-based community organization called EcoSource.

While its programming is targeted to youth, adults, and families, their primary resources are directed at schools and children, to help them envision greener communities! What we love about EcoSource is its hands-on approach to environmentalism, just the kind of education our kids need to become inspired to sprout change in their daily habits.

Lea Ann Mallett, Executive Director of EcoSource, writes to us all about responsible, personal action, a principle we strongly believe in at GreenHeroes!

EcoSource is an innovative environmental organization that empowers our community to become more environmentally responsible through creative public education. We are all about changing the world, right in our own back yard!

EcoSource has a strong focus on youth, working closely with school boards and directly with schools to create a culture of environmental change in classrooms.

We are proud to work with over 20,000 youth each year in our school-based programs as well as engaging hundreds of adults and families in our community gardening projects.

EcoSource’s school programming includes our intensive EcoSource Green Schools program. We provide direct staff support and program materials to engage Mississauga schools in full school year of environmental actions.

We believe that through working closely with students and school staff, we can create a longlasting culture of environmental citizenship. EcoSource also provides waste reduction workshops and support to carry out school-wide waste audits, so students and teachers can identify key waste items that should be reduced or redirected to recycling!

EcoSource is also the home of the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance, a youth-led initiative representing over 600 young people in Peel, carrying out environmental actions in their schools and community. PEYA hold the popular “EcoBuzz” conference every year, bringing together over 400 students and teachers to learn more about community environmental concerns

EcoSource also has a focus on local food and community gardening. Working with the City of Mississauga, EcoSource created the first community garden on City park land in 2005 and we have haven’t stopped since!

Photo credit: EcoSource

The popularity of our community gardens program has led to a larger urban agriculture project, the Mississauga Sustainable Urban Agriculture project, in which organic food grown intensively right in the city will be donated to a local food bank.

EcoSource also works to influence policies in Ontario. We are engaged in groundbreaking work with the Peel District School Board to bring more local healthy food into PDSB cafeterias and our Environmental Youth-Adult Partnerships program is bringing together organizations from across the province that are leading the way on meaningful alliances between young people and adults.

Find out more at our web site: www.ecosource.ca

Lea Ann Mallett, Executive Director of EcoSource

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