Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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Shane Price is the founder of Canada’s Green Circle Salons. Shane is a forward thinker who has taken the every day experience of getting a hair cut and made it an environmental issue.

By discovering a business model around the disposal needs of the hair salon industry, Shane Price has joined the ranks of the GreenHeroes.

Green Circle Salons (GSC) is a service that provides its members with the tools to reduce their environmental impacts.

GCS puts salons on the path to becoming greener businesses, and they do it in a way that is designed to actually add additional income for the salon business while giving its customers the satisfaction that they are contributing to greening the planet.

We now begin a campaign around his innovative idea and are calling it: Hair Today, Green Tomorrow. Find out how you can act now to help Shane in his mission and be sure to watch his webisode below:

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, the smallest things, such as cutting your hair, can have a big environmental impact. Share your story of how you’re choosing the environment first and voting with your dollar by entering our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero!