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Spring is a busy time for Green Heroes everywhere! With the celebration of the United Nation’s World Water Day on March 22nd and Green Hero David Suzuki’s 80th birthday on April 4, organizations are now revving up for Earth Day festivities this Friday, April 22nd.

A global network of Earth Day organizations is kicking off an ambitious campaign to plant 7.8 billion trees, one for every person on the planet, by 2020. Canada’s contribution to this worldwide goal is 35 million trees. Join Earth Day Canada’s #Rooting4Trees campaign which is committed to planting 25,000 legacy trees for Earth Day’s 25th Anniversary in 2016.

Every year, tens of thousands of Canadians participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up presented by WWF and Loblaw Companies Limited. It is one of the largest direct action direct action environmental programs in Canada and the third largest cleanup in the world. To find out how you can get involved, go to: http://www.shorelinecleanup.ca/en/take-action/get-involved

Gala events bring people together to celebrate environmental acts and heroes and to fundraise for future activities. The 5th Annual Waterkeeper Gala will be held on April 21st at the Canadian Broadcast Centre in Toronto. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper was created by Green Hero, Matt Mattson and Krystyn Tully, with the support of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his global Waterkeeper network. Although the April 21st gala is sold out, Earth Day Canada’s Earth Ball still has tickets available. This annual event, held each Earth Day, hosts more than 400 business and environmental leaders and is held at the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto’s Distillery District.

Also for Earth Day, For Our Grandchildren (4RG)  invited Toronto high school students to creatively envision a healthier environment on earth by designing projects for reducing climate change and lowering carbon emissions, leading to a non-carbon future. Team projects will be presented at an event called: Speak Up For The Planet, at the Ontario Science Centre, on Friday April 22nd from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. More information about For Our Grandchildren and its programs is available @ www.forourgrandchildren.ca

It’s good to see retailers taking part in Earth Day events too. If you missed the 10th anniversary of The Green Living Show at the Metro Convention Centre Toronto April 15-17, you can still visit and learn more about exhibitor’s green products and services from the Green Living website.

Planet in Focus, Canada’s longest running environmental film festival,  screened some of their festival favourites at the Green Living show and is now accepting submissions and planning for their 17th annual environmental film festival to be held in Toronto from October 19th to October 23rd. With school field trips and world premieres, it’s a not-to-be missed event for both film-lovers and tree-huggers alike.

On Earth Day, and all year long,  fill your desire for great environmental stories by tuning into TVO, for Green Heroes TV shows and other environmental documentaries.

We are pleased to announce that Green Heroes™ will be presenting two of our new Green Heroes, David Buckland and Ta’Kaiya Blaney, at the Green Living Show on Friday, April 12, at 2pm.

Ta’Kaiya will be discussing her concern about the environment, specifically the preservation of marine and coastal wildlife. Her YouTube video and song, “Shallow Waters”, was a semi-finalist in the 2010 David Suzuki Songwriting Contest, Playlist for the Planet.  It has been viewed over 120, 000 times on YouTube and Ta’Kaiya will be giving a very special performance at the Green Living Show at 2pm.

David Buckland will be discussing his organization, Cape Farewell, and how it attempts to fight climate change through artistic response. In 2001, he formed the group Cape Farewell with the purpose of connecting artists and scientists on trips to the High Arctic. Through this collaborative process with artists like musician Feist and author Yann Martel, his seven expeditions to the poles have resulted in film, books and art that have helped to spread awareness about our climate crisis. David will be presenting these issues during a riveting and informative discussion at 2:30pm.

We have a great volunteer opportunity with TWO FREE PASSES to those for those willing to participate with our GreenHeroes booth at the show and free parking passes as well. Please contact Nerese Richter for details: Nerese@GreenHeroes.tv

Come visit our Green Heroes™ booth during the Green Living Show from April 12 – 14, 2013, and meet some of our Producers, Members, and Green Heroes!

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It’s becoming more and more evident that our food and the way we eat directly effects the environment. Green Heroes Vandana Shiva and Leilani Munter have both contributed to the cause, creating different campaigns to encourage others to eat green and support sustainable eating habits. With Meatless March trending all over the social sphere, we wanted to give you some great tips on trying out the month-long project or even committing to Meatless Mondays. Meatless March sets the goal of taking on a local, vegetarian diet for the full month. Not only is this an experiment to try and eat like a vegetarian, this is also a means of helping our environment. Did you know that the United Nations found that 40% more greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial livestock than from all of the world’s cars, planes, ships, and trains combined? So we challenge you to participate in Meatless March for one day, one week, or even the whole month!

Here are some great tips and guidelines on becoming a vegetarian, and why it’s so important, from our friends at WWF Canada: http://community.wwf.ca/ActionDetail.cfm?ActionId=60

And here are some yummy recipe ideas from our pals at Green Living to make the vegetarian diet a little bit more “flavorful”: http://www.greenlivingonline.com/article/hearty-and-vegetarian-comfort-food

As our Green Hero Vandana says, “The funny thing is you can eat your way to conservation”.

Happy eating!

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In Season 1 of Green Heroes™ TV, we brought you some of the most influential and remarkable individuals like Rob Stewart. Now we have a delicious treat coming your way in April when we launch our Second Season of Green Heroes™ TV, with an episode featuring renowned Chef Jamie Kennedy!

While shooting our episode with Jamie, we encountered the beautiful Ravine Vineyard located in St. Davids in the Niagara region. In addition to the stunning landscape and wonderful scenery, their website also boasts that “in a gesture of respect for the land and the family (who owned the property), and to keep it free from imminent urban development, we built the Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery”. Now that’s something we can get on board with!

Be sure to check out their upcoming First Annual Vintage Vault Tasting, with house made charcuterie while spinning vintage vinyl records (how cool!) http://ravinevineyard.com/?p=1890 And stay tuned for Jamie’s upcoming episode on TVO!

Watch and learn about our celebrity Green Heroes

Join the Green Heroes™ Academy App to complete challenges and secret missions to become an honorary Green Hero too!

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Winners of the inaugural GreenHeroes contest were announced at a
special awards ceremony at Toronto’s Green Living Show Sunday. These
seven category winners were introduced to the audience at the Direct Energy Centre:

Save our Seas and Shores’ Mary Gorman (In Our Backyard Hero)
Pedestrian Sundays’ Yvonne Bambrik (Simple Changes Matter Hero)
Eco-Laundry Room partner, Paul Bichler (Simple Changes Matter)
Carrot Greenroom’s Zora Ignajatovic (Groundbreaking Hero)
Planet Traveller’s Tom Rand (Energy Saving Hero)
Green Realtor, Chris Chopik (Energy Saving Hero)
Eco-Comedian, Josh Rachlis (Unique Hero)

Some of our category winners at our booth

The category winners were also finalists in a special juried competition
for the top prize – an appearance in their own TV episode of
GreenHeroes on TVO. The lucky winner of this Grand Prize was Mary Gorman!

Mary was inspired to take action to stop oil and gas development in
the Gulf of St. Lawrence after the Canada-Nova Scotia Petroleum
Board issued two leases for oil and gas development on both sides
of spectacularly beautiful Cape Breton Island where she lives. This
unstoppable hero’s story will be profiled in an episode of GreenHeroes
on TVO next season.

To find out more about the contest winners and to nominate yourself or someone you know in this year’s contest go to: http://www.GreenHeroes.tv/gallery

Who is a GreenHero? For John Bessai and Joan Prowse, creators
of the TV series and web channel GreenHeroes it is someone with a
good story to tell, someone who acted on an idea rather than waiting
for someone else to do it, and who applied “out of the box” thinking
to help solve an environmental problem. Despite adversity and critics
they are succeeding in their goal and are now sharing their experience
and insight with others. GreenHeroes is a selection of great stories about people turning apathy to action.