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“Row to the shore and explore a place you don’t know.”

So sings one of Canada’s GreenHeroes and singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer in a recently released campfire song she wrote to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada. Sarah recorded this beautiful tune, simply titled “The Park Song,” in both English and French. She also headlined a free outdoor concert at the official Parks Day celebration in Toronto earlier this month.

Jasper National Park by Frank Kovalchek

This isn’t the first time Sarah has written and sung about the environment. She wrote and recorded a song called “Escarpment Blues” and donated the proceeds to PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land), an organization she co-founded to protect the landscape she grew up on from further development. She starred in a documentary, also called “Escarpment Blues,” about her “I Love the Escarpment” tour in which she performed and spoke about the PERL campaign.

On a different project, thirteen Canadian filmmakers created The National Parks Project,which features 13 Parks including  the Tundra in Manitoba to Gwaii Haanas National Park, off the coast of mainland B.C. It is in this last park that Sarah Harmer’s music is featured. Make sure to check out the film, which shows some of Canada’s most grandiose beauty. Hear more about this project from John Bessai, executive producer and creative director of the GreenHeroes Campaign, in  The Bulletin!