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Leilani Münter is a triple threat: long before she was a racecar driver and eco-activist, she was a biology major in university. It seemed a natural fit for her to become the first ambassador to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

The NWF is America’s largest conservation organization, protecting and restoring wildlife habitat. As ambassador, Leilani is the face of the NWF, speaking up on urgent issues related to wildlife and the environment.

We think it suits her well, and Leilani admits that if she had gotten paid for her work rescuing endangered wildlife in university, she would never have become a racecar driver.

The NWF was on the scene of the BP oil spill from April 20, 2010 and still is, taking immediate action to clean up and prevent a similar disaster from happening again. The

NWF is a major player and a triple threat in its own right: tracking and reporting impacts of the spill, rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, and restoring damaged ecosystems.

The NWF is also raising awareness about the impacts of the spill, and speaking on behalf of wildlife, to ensure they are given a voice in policy decisions.

We watched Leilani visit the Gulf with a group of athletes to shed light on the disaster, but what you may not know is that since 2008, Leilani has been translating her climate fighting words into action, working with the NWF to push the American Climate Security Act on Capitol Hill.

To take action yourself, visit our Oil Changers campaign page, and learn about how you can purchase an acre of rainforest like Leilani does, to offset carbon emissions, donate to the NWF and make changes in your own life to prevent a disaster like this from happening again. And leave a comment to let others know what you’re doing to change, because as Leilani reminded us, small changes, when multiplied by millions, can make a really big difference.

Are you working in a particularly polluting industry? Are you feeling guilty about the fossil fuel and oil you are emitting as a result? Like Leilani, are you doing something to offset or lessen this negative impact on the environment? Share your Oil Changer story here for your chance to win a prize in our contest.

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