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By: Bob Vaez, President & Founder, EventMobi

Humans are social animals, and even in today’s age of connectivity and social media, we still find it important to meet so that we can learn, discuss and take action together.

In fact, events are one of the most effective ways to educate, sell and make change happen, be it in a conference, tradeshow, festival or a political rally. Unfortunately, these events often come with environmental side effects from transportation and the waste that’s generated on location.

What I find exciting however is how decisive and effective the event industry has been in recent years to educate and provide solutions to reduce and offset its environmental impact, through organizations such as GreenMeetings.

A huge driving factor behind a lot of these initiatives has had to do with proper use of renewable technology, LEED certifications and other systematic change in behavior.

But what is important to point out is a green technology will not be adopted unless it brings new benefits or reduces cost in some way or form and that’s just the reality of today’s business environment.

At EventMobi we have created a mobile platform to allow event organizers of all types, from small conferences to large festivals and expos, to take their information mobile.

What that means, is that as more people carry around phones that are connected to internet (such as the iPhone or Blackberry), there is less of a demand to print pages of information as hand outs at tradeshows and conferences, which in less than a day ends up in a trash can.

We have essentially created a viable, affordable option to reduce paper waste using mobile apps, while enhancing the way sponsors and organizers provide information to attendees at events.

Most recently NetChange a conference that was held at MaRS Collaboration Centre in Toronto was able to put this to test and go completely paperless. Although this may not be practical for all events, it is never too early to start phasing in this transformation for any event.

We are super excited to be able to help GreenHeroes communicate its message and content and connect with the viewers on mobile. The GreenHeroes App is an optimized Mobile WebApp that runs on almost any phone as long as they can connect to Internet.

All you need to do is open your phone browser and click on www.eventmobi.com/greenheroes, where you will find information about all the episodes, the featured GreenHeroes and the sponsors right from your phone.

You can also make your voices heard by voting and providing feedback in real-time while you are watching each episode on your TV. No need to go back to your computers just open the GreenHeroes App at the end of the show and let us know what you think, as well as find out how you can take action, and lead by example.

– Bob Vaez, President and Founder, EventMobi

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