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Rebecca Gerendasy is executive producer and co-founder of Cooking Up a Story (CUpS), one of the first online television series and video blogs about people, food, and sustainable living.

CUpS offers a variety of original, short form video programming, and written posts that examine our food system, up close and personal. Cooking Up a Story features some of the leading thinkers and doers in the sustainable food movement, people such as Dr. Vandana Shiva as profiled in this post.


Executive Producer & Co-founder of Cooking Up a Story

In this video interview, Dr. Shiva explains the science of agricultural biotechnology (genetic engineering), and the dangers it poses to the world’s food supplies. Trained as a physicist, Vandana Shiva is one of the world’s leading environmental and social activists defending the rights of poor indigenous peoples, and helping to preserve native cultures.

As a woman, and a pioneer in the sustainable food movement, she has courageously taken her stand among the peasant farmers of India, and indigenous people throughout the world, as a fierce defender of nature, and of women’s rights.

This is more than about the safety of agricultural biotechnology products, as Shiva points out, it’s also about the ability of all of us to have a choice of the foods that we eat, for our farmers to be able to freely use their own seeds, and to grow food in the manner that they choose.

In developing countries like India, biotechnology introduces higher costs of production to the farmers, and makes them highly dependent upon a small number of companies to purchase their seeds, and required chemical inputs. Increasingly, farmers whose crops fail to produce anticipated yields are propelled into a cycle of debt that cause, at least some, to commit suicide.

Dr. Shiva continues to bring to the fore, among the most pressing concerns facing society today: the rights of developing nations to develop their own food sovereignty; conservation of the biodiversity existing in nature; the incorporation of newer agricultural methods to sustainably advance food production while preserving key indigenous farming practices; and ultimately the right of a people to enjoy shared access to their own seeds, to farm in ways that conserve finite natural resources, and to advance the economic and social health of their local communities and nation states.

– Rebecca Gerendasy, Executive Producer and Co-founder, Cooking Up a Story

You can watch all 3 parts of Vandana’s CUpS here. To plant the seed in others and to help actively promote her mission for a sustainable food production system, visit our campaign page!

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