Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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As the General Manager of Redken Canada, I can say with great pride that our entire team applauds and supports the efforts of Green Circle Salons to create a green shift within the beauty industry.

We believe that every movement, like the one Green Circle has started, begins with a remarkable idea.

Green Circle Salons offers the salon industry a simple way to make a significant environmental difference, and remain in step with today’s consumer demands for sustainable business practices.

Shane and his team first approached Redken Canada in the spring of last year seeking support for their campaign to send hair to the US to help with the oil spill clean up.

Redken was very happy to be involved in this project, and in fact provided financial support to cover the shipping cost to send the hair to the Gulf.

The fact that hair can be diverted out of landfill to provide cradle to cradle solutions elsewhere seemed really exciting to us.

The heart of the partnership between Redken Canada and Green Circle Salons is about bringing awareness to affiliated Redkenites (Redken Salons) across Canada about this unique opportunity that now exists.

We hope that salons here in Ontario will join the movement in reducing their eco-footprint, and that this wonderful opportunity will ripple out across Canada.

– Scott Moon, General Manager, Redken Canada

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, the smallest things, such as cutting your hair, can have a big environmental impact. Share your story of how you’re choosing the environment first and voting with your dollar by entering our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero!