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Preserving the environment is always met with backlash concerning the perceived expense to maintain it, but can you put a price tag on how much we lose by failing to do so? Turns out, we can!

Casey Trees and Davey Tree Expert Co. banded together to create the National Tree Benefit Calculator, a handy tool for determining the approximate yearly value of any street-side tree. By calculating the absorbed stormwater runoff, energy conservation, reduction in air pollution and carbon, and even property value increase, this tool provides easy financial justification for maintaining trees on your property.

Green Heroes used this tool to calculate the value of a very special tree! It was received as a cutting at the memorial service for Greenpeace co-founder Robert Hunter in 2006. Recently, we measured it on its rooftop home in Toronto’s downtown waterfront neighbourhood. Based on how it has grown, it provides $109 annually to the rooftop, adding to Robert Hunter’s already valuable environmental legacy.

Green Heroes intern Jay, taking the tree’s measurements!

CineFocus Canada, producers of Green Heroes, had the opportunity to interview Robert Hunter twice, first for their series Lucky Breaks and again for the documentary Greenpeace: Made in Canada on the Discovery Channel, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the organization. Robert’s daughter Emily Hunter has continued her father’s work and is one of our featured Green Heroes.

We’re wondering if anyone else received a cutting at Robert Hunter’s memorial that has now grown into a tree? Tweet us a photo of it @GreenHeroesTV or post it to our Facebook page, and don’t forget to use the calculator above to find out its value and let us know!

Credit : Justine Warrington

By John Bessai

Sometimes you remember details about an experience long afterwards once something jars your memory.

I met Emily Hunter I thought for the first time when she gave a speech to some high school students in September 2010. Below is a video of the event:


But after she gave her speech that day I realized that I had actually met Emily over 15 years ago one sunny afternoon in the suburbs of Toronto.

I was working on a video acknowledging the 25th anniversary of GreenPeace and was over at her Father’s house with a camera crew.

I had just read Robert Hunter’s Warriors of the Rainbow which had completely inspired me.  This book told the incredible story of the founding of GreenPeace in the 1970’s.  And, in stunning fashion how a bunch of 20 something adventurers (like Emily today) had confronted a Soviet whaling fleet on the Pacific high seas and brought world wide attention the senseless slaughter of these super intelligent mammals who were by then endangered.

This actually led to an international moratorium which largely ended the hunt.

The interview with Robert 20 years later remains one of my most treasured memories, but also to my amazement that day I met another mammal, the Hunter family turtle who was the size of a large beaver and who wad swimming in the back yard pool! Emily rushed in just home from school to ask her Dad if she could go swimming too.

Lucky for her, I thought.  Such a cool dad and even a  cool turtle to swim with!  I am glad Emily has continued on with the work of her parents, keeping us inspired to stay conscious about ecological imperatives.  Her call to action makes me think there is hope that in future millions more turtles will be still swimming!

– John Bessai, Creative Director & Executive Producer, GreenHeroes Campaign

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, consumption and everyday actions have consequences. Share your story of making the eco-conscious switch in your choices by entering our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero!

My entry into the history of the environmental movement came at a key time in its evolution. The Don’t Make a Wave Committee of Vancouver B.C., had sailed a ship “The Greenpeace” to Amchitka Island near a fault line on the Aleutian Chain in an attempt to stop nuclear testing.

This brave act resonated globally with incredible success.

I was there with the fledgling group to open their first office on Fourth Avenue in Vancouver.

I met; fell in love with and soon married Bob Hunter, the first President and Father of the current day Greenpeace International.

I became the Treasurer of Greenpeace and the first woman to place my body in front of a harpoon to save a whale.

There were many acts of heroism stemming from our small group, one act that still resonates is the image of Bob and Paul Watson (now founder and Captain of Sea Shepherd) standing in front of icebreakers to save the Seals.

At that time, in the early 70s, we were a small band of eager idealists and intellectuals, yet we spun images, of heroism that have effected all the forthcoming generations of environmental crusaders.

Robert, Emily, & Bobbi Hunter

Robert, Emily, & Bobbi Hunter

We used non-violent means to create what Bob called “mind bombs” in the media that changed environmental consciousness of the western hemisphere.

Now, today, I look at the diversity of people and groups of activists, and I am proud that my daughter has this same spirit raging in her soul. I am proud of her brave actions. We don’t have Bob to turn to any longer, but, his passion carries on.

Bob always wondered if he had made a difference. I know he has, because of his inspirational actions and books he has helped mould many of the Eco-Heroes of today, whether they know it or not.

Today I am involved in many legacy projects such as advising on a documentary, a park and a biography, helping to continue to spread our message.

While there is more knowledge and resources available today, there are more battles and more urgency than ever. For the Planet, never give up!

– Bobbi Hunter, Eco-Activist

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, consumption and everyday actions have consequences. Share your story of making the eco-conscious switch in your choices by entering our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero!