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Jason Mogus is the CEO of Communicopia, a communications firm dedicated to online strategy and design, supporting organizations working for sustainability and social change. He led the global TckTckTck climate change campaign last year, a transformational digital media campaign that has now grown from when he worked on it; the project continues to remind us that the clock is ticking on climate change.

It’s time to speak up and stand with leaders like Wangari Maathai, who is Talking Climate Change. Here, Jason shares the process behind developing this incredible campaign, sparking an important discussion and highlighting a great example of how a digital campaign can rapidly be transformed into real life collaborations.

By Jason Mogus

CEO of Communicopia

In 2008, leaders of global environmental and development NGO’s came together to grow public awareness around the impacts of climate change and the level of collaboration required to address them in the hopes of substantially influencing the upcoming UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.

The newly created “TckTckTck” campaign contacted Communicopia to develop a digital campaign strategy and build TckTckTck.org. Structured as an “open-source campaign”, they needed help to use digital to support each partners’ campaign, grow a larger movement, and achieve the difficult political ends.

Despite ambitious goals, an intense timeline, complex dynamics between partners, and a highly emergent campaign plan, we sensed a chance to influence history and decided to give it everything we had.

While building TckTckTck’s complex website, video, mobile and social apps and other tools, we wasted no time in aggressively growing the campaign’s social networks and influence in the blogosphere.

The result was a powerful network of supporters who shared our content, plus a private community of leading bloggers, green editors, and digital campaigners that become invaluable going into Copenhagen.

Photo credit: TckTckTck(Flickr)

Although Copenhagen did not produce the hoped for results, TckTckTck as a force to unite movements was a major success. Our digital campaign helped re-frame climate as a human issue that needed attention now. We aggregated a constituency of over 17 million ‘global citizens for climate action’.

We influenced and connected media communicators to fight the spin from entrenched interests. And we convened moments of unprecedented behind- the-scenes and public collaboration among many of the biggest social change brands on the planet.

Photo credit: TckTckTck(Flickr)

We also showed that open campaigns are the future. No other structure would have facilitated such rapid growth, global collaboration, media influence, and people-powered network-effects, while building relationships and growing a movement that is still ready to fight for a better future for everyone.

– Jason Mogus, CEO of Communicopia

In 2010 TckTckTck’s digital campaign won a “Game-Changer” Award from the We Media Foundation, was short-listed for a Webby Award for world’s best advocacy campaign, and listed by The Guardian as one of the Top 50 climate tweeters in the world. Check out what else Communicopia is working on! And don’t forget to get involved in our own GreenHeroes digital campaign!

Join the movement, and tell your leaders that you’re ready for a climate deal. Speak up. Are you ready?

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