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We at GreenHeroes are gearing up for a fabulous Canadian Thanksgiving. As we head out to procure our wares for the perfect dinner, we are aware that Simple Changes Matter.

The choices we make when putting together our Thanksgiving celebrations have a huge collective impact on the planet. In the spirit of sustainability, we’d like to share our top three tips for a more sustainable Canadian Thanksgiving.

1. Buy Local

As GreenHero Laura Reinsborough reminds us, there is so much bounty around us. Canadian Thanksgiving is well timed to coincide with the beautiful harvest foods available at local farmers’ markets and in many supermarkets. Imagine topping off your Thanksgiving meal with an apple pie made from apples gleaned from trees in your community!

2. Skip Turkey

GreenHero Leilani Munter, a staunch vegetarian, would agree – just go turkey free! According to Sarah Newman at Take Part:

“Skip turkey. I know it’s bold of me to write this, but I’ve enjoyed turkey-free Thanksgivings for nearly 25 years and the meals are always delicious. Factory farming is inhumane to animals and an extremely dangerous workplace for its workers. You will also greatly reduce your carbon footprint by skipping meat. The livestock sector accounts for an astounding 1/5 of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

If you just can’t imagine your Thanksgiving without turkey, we at GreenHeroes encourage you to consider opting for a humanely-raised turkey.

3. Drink Tap Water

As we learned from GreenHero Gord Downie and our Water Protector campaign, bottled water is unsustainable. Imagine how much waste you’ll keep out of landfills just by serving tap water at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Chill tap water in a glass pitcher in the ‘fridge, then add some fresh rosemary sprigs and lemon slices to give it a celebratory twist!

Have some of your own tips for a more sustainable Thanksgiving? Leave them in the comments!

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, simple actions matter: What simple actions are you taking to help the environment? How are you acting locally to affect global change? Do you know someone who is a small change agent in your community? Share your story here for your chance to win a prize in our contest!

GreenHeroes.tv is all about saving the planet, one story at a time. Do you have a great story to tell about how you’re helping to make the world a greener place? Enter the contest to nominate a friend or yourself – you could be one of Canada’s next GreenHeroes!

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