Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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Our Curly Girls joined the Green Conversations and we haven’t looked back!!!  In less than a year, partnering withGreen Circle Salons has allowed us to feel even more proud of what we do and how we are doing it differently.

From re-cycling all our plastic product bottles, to our foils, to having our clients and staff know that all the curly hair we collect is being used for great causes—as just last year, the curly hair we collected contributed to create hair booms used in cleaning up the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico—that  was so very awesome!

We really love the fact we are doing our small part to help spread the green message.

AND now…we are at the point where we are using our ECI “piggy bank’ to gain operational efficiencies!  We are going to be installing Eco friendly lighting that will deliver perfect lighting for evaluating, formulating and applying hair colour.

Our staff is ecstatically excited, our customers will be delighted, and we will earn more savings while continuing our growth of being more sustainable!  We are also looking at being able to obtain water saving taps and researching the benefits of installing a goGreen window tint!

The opportunities truly seem endless!  The team at Green Circle Salons have been mentors in igniting the goGreen passion in us, and we are loving it!

– Betty and Caroline, The Curl Ambassadors

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, the smallest things, such as cutting your hair, can have a big environmental impact. Share your story of how you’re choosing the environment first and voting with your dollar by entering our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero!