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When it comes down to it, Jane Goodall is all about the animals. For over 50 years, she has devoted herself primarily to the conservation of chimps, but her repertoire of conservation efforts and campaigns now extends to all endangered animals.

It was fitting then that on TV the other evening was an episode of The Nature of Things, hosted by another of our GreenHeroes, David Suzuki. The featured episode was For the Love of Elephants, a documentary shot on location in Kenya, telling the story of orphaned elephants in Africa.

For us, it was love at first sight with the baby elephants, most of whom were left orphaned after their mothers were poached by hunters for their ivory tusks or after their habitats were destroyed.

It’s an all-too-familiar story for wildlife in Africa; Jane Goodall herself had an epiphany in 1986 when she realized that everywhere chimps were being studied, the environment was being destroyed, and there was a need to act on the chimps’ behalf.

For the Love of Elephants captures the intimate bond that forms between humans and animals, specifically at the Sheldrick Trust, but a bond that Jane can relate to in her relationship with the chimps she studies. Through hard work, love, and dedication to the animals, these elephants are nurtured to health and a safe life in the wild.

There is hope for the future of endangered species. Visit our Sprouting Change campaign page for ideas on how you can help with global wildlife conservation.

You can watch this beautiful story in its entirety here.

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