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GreenHero Stuart Hickox is the founder and President of One Change. What moved Stuart to action was a feeling of anxiety that many of us can relate to, a sense that some environmental issues and disasters feel too big to tackle.

But Stuart’s story is one of transformation, as his light bulb moment led him to quit his job in marketing and to take on One Change as a full-time project. Shortly before founding the organization, Stuart was already busy planning his first major campaign: Project Porchlight.

Project Porchlight and the new fuel efficiency initiative are such simple ideas, and that’s why Stuart’s an inspirational GreenHero to us. His campaigns hand us the tools to take action, so that each of us can transform our thoughts into action.

Stuart took time out of his busy campaign schedule to send us his personal thoughts on moving beyond the light bulb, because though these actions may be small, millions of them put together can have huge reverberations.

Frankly, at One Change, we were getting tired of talking about light bulbs anyway. Vampire Load is so much sexier.

Buffy may be off the air, and I’m not buff enough to cameo on True Blood, but I’m welcoming the opportunity to represent One Change not as “the bulb guy” but as “the Slayer.”

Did you know that 15-20% of household energy use is power that is consumed by stuff that’s turned off?

All day, every day, a little trickle of power is being sucked from items like cell phone chargers, TVs, computers – yes, even when they are turned off!

You can slay Vampire Load by installing a power bar. Just turn it off when you’re done. Or install a smart power bar like “Trickle Star” that automatically turns off secondary devices like the DVD player when you turn off the TV. Fight Vampire Load and you can save up to $200 per year. Easy! Now I just need to practice my pout and start wearing all black.

Psst! If hunting Vampires isn’t your thing, consider checking your tire pressure. Or, better yet, volunteer to hand out some of the 150,000 digital tire pressure gauges One Change is distributing across Ontario this fall with Canadian Tire. Checking pressure regularly can help you save up to $60 per year on gas, cut emissions, and helps prevent accidents.

And, well, if you don’t have a car, you can still replace those wasteful incandescent bulbs…Simple Actions Matter!

Stuart Hickox, Founder and President of One Change

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, simple actions matter: What simple actions are you taking to help the environment? How are you acting locally to affect global change? Do you know someone who is a small change agent in your community? Share your story here for your chance to win a prize in our contest!

GreenHeroes.tv is all about saving the planet, one story at a time. Do you have a great story to tell about how you’re helping to make the world a greener place? Enter the contest to nominate a friend or yourself – you could be one of Canada’s next GreenHeroes!

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