Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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The Company

CineFocus Canada was founded in 1991 to produce insightful and entertaining television documentaries and educational videos. Today our roster includes over 20 hours of prime-time TV programs and documentaries, more than 50 educational videos, and an interactive exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

The Major Players

John Bessai – The executive producer and creative director of the Green Heroes™ Campaign, John has devoted his career to bringing social causes and Canadian culture to television and computer screens around the world.

Joan Prowse – As the Producer/Director and leader of the content creation team, Joan brings her experience as an award winning producer, director and editor of educational and entertaining Canadian themed television and new media projects to GreenHeroes.

The All-Stars of Content

Behind each Green Heroes™ webisode are inquisitive minds seeking out great stories and story-tellers, with the aim tracking down these environmental heroes and sharing their inspiring stories.

Producer/Creative Directors
John Bessai
Joan Prowse


Field Producers
Donna Boyle
Lina Cino
Julie Gelder
Emily Hunter
Luke Murphy
Kelly O’Brien

Associate Producer
Justin Arjune


The Production Gadgeteers

Meet the crew recording the golden scenes in all sorts of locations and weather bringing GreenHeroes reality to the big (and small) screen

Scott Brown
Devin Lund
Elisa Iannacone
James Crowe
Fergus Lowrey
Justin Arjune

Sound Recordists
Sean Karp
Noah Siegel
Adam Clark
Aaron Gaistman

Post-Production Wizards

Putting our content into action, weaving the many threads and connections between picture and narrative. Packaging our Green Heroes™ stories so they shine brightly for you.

Joan Prowse – Editor
Nelli Kiseleva – Assistant Editor
Justin Arjune – Assistant Editor
Luke Murphy – Animation
Paul Hart – Video Packaging Editor
Sean Karp – Sound editor/design

Social Media and GreenHeroes Academy

Blogging, tweeting and transforming viewers to do-ers!

Nerese Richter – Social Media and Blogger
Diana Berdichevsky – Content supervisor and writer
Liz Culotti- Researcher and Writer
Elaine Nicholson – Partner and Hero Outreach
John Harley – Green Heroes™ Academy, designer
Paul Winterhalder – Green Heroes™ Academy developer
Luke Murphy – System integrator and design

Web Masters

Keeping the bugs out of the Green Heroes™ online suit.

Antonio Carito -Webmaster
Lara Kroeker – Web Designer
Luke Murphy – Graphics and all systems integration

Special Thanks to our Advisors and Back-up Team

Lucie DiPronio
Stella Hawke
Manny Danelon
Bryan Wynn