Technology Tips from our Lips!

The last 30 years have shown bee populations in the U.S and U.K decrease by almost half. Evidence attributes this to radiation emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices. But they also affects us!

Here are 5 tips to becoming a more socially and health conscious techy.

Stretch regularly.
Stretch regularly.

1. ErgoWhat?
Humans aren’t meant to be seated, staring at screens all day. Ensure your body is ergonomically comfortable when on your techno-gadgets for extended periods of time. But don’t forget to stretch every 15 minutes to keep your blood flowing.

Keep your phone at a distance.

2. Distancing
Ever read the manual that came with your cell phone? Most manufacturers recommend that cell phones stay at least 10 millimetres away from your body at all times, the width of a pencil. Try making a habit of storing your phone in your backpack in a pocket furthest away from your body.

The landline is your friend.

3. Fried Brains…Yuck!
Research indicates that cell phone use can increase the risk of brain cancer. 1,640 or more hours of cell phone use apparently increases the risk by 40%. That’s an average of an hour a day for 4.5 years. Reduce your risk by using landlines whenever possible.

Your phone’s a source of bad vibes for some people.

4. Sensitivities
Some people are more sensitive to cell phone radiation than others and can feel the effects when in the same room. Be courteous and turn off your phone in public places like in the doctor’s office, restaurants and public transportation.

Give your phone a rest at mealtimes.

5. Etiquette
Manners seem to be a thing of the past. Turning off your cell phone during family meals or at restaurants demonstrates your commitment to being in the present. No one likes a social humbug so why use a phone when you’ve got people to talk to right in front of you?