Tracking Triclosan

Our skin is the largest organ on our body so it is important to know what it’s absorbing. How did Triclosan, a toxic ingredient commonly found in “antibacterial” products, make its way in? Read on to learn the dirty little truth about Triclosan…

Triclosan (one of the Toxic Ten) is known to interfere with hormone function, weaken the immune system and make bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Triclosan is also bad for the environment, sticking around long after you’ve washed it off your hands or body, building up in our soil and water supply, affecting aquatic ecosystems.

The good news? We don’t actually need anti-bacterial products to kill bad bacteria!

Not only is plain soap and water just as effective at killing germs, but its been found that people who use antibacterial products are just as likely to contract viral infections as those who don’t.

So next time your at the store make sure to avoid Triclosan (sometimes referred to as Microban) and pick up an additive-free soap or alcohol-only antibacterial hand sanitizer instead!